Coffee For Migraine?

Coffee for migraine sufferers is a hit or miss proposition.Coffee for migraine sufferers can be good and bad. There are many people who swear ingesting caffeine is great for migraine prevention and just as many who curse how they can’t enjoy a morning cup of coffee because it causes them!

Why Does Caffeine Help Migraines

On one hand, a dose of caffeine in some of the over-the-counter-medications such as Bayer Migraine Formula can be beneficial. This is because the caffeine constricts the blood vessels and allows the body to absorb the headache medication about 40% faster. On the other hand, many coffee drinkers report experiencing migraine headaches as a result of drinking too much caffeine.

Coffee Causes Migraines For Some People

Personally, I can’t drink regular coffee because it dehydrates me very quickly, especially the day after a rough and sweaty workout. Instead, I opt for decaf even though I know it still contains a little bit of caffeine. For example, if I drink three decaffeinated coffees at one sitting, I can already start to feel the dehydrating effects of this delicious drink! It upsets me like you wouldn’t believe because I know plenty of people who can drink 4 to 5 regular cups of coffee a day and not have anything that resembles a headache! Drinking caffeine for migraine sufferers is usually a bad choice but there are people who actually benefit from it. You know your body better than anyone so take appropriate precautions when it comes to coffee for migraines.

Are You Suffering a Caffeine Withdrawal Headache?

The worst thing for any caffeine-lover is to find out they are suffering caffeine withdrawal headaches when they can’t get their fill. If you are someone who regularly drinks several cups of Joe a day you have no doubt experienced at least one caffeine withdrawal episode in your life. If you are prone to getting migraines, you probably know these types of withdrawal headaches are more intense and that by cutting out coffee, it can trigger a nasty migraine you’ll probably remember for a while. If you are trying to get off caffeine, it’s wise to do it slowly over several days.

There are many migraine medicines which include caffeine. Experts believe the arteries located in the head where the temples are located become inflamed and that caffeine constricts the blood vessels, thus reducing the pain. Another reason caffeine works so well with analgesics is because it helps these medications function more efficiently although scientists don’t exactly know why. With all the magic of modern medicine, this is surprising, isn’t it? Oh well, it works for many people, and that’s what’s most important!

Caffeine For Migraines Shows Up Everywhere

Wherever you look or don’t look, for that matter, you will find caffeine. You can find it in almost any type of beverage such as Coke or Pepsi and many other sodas. You can also find it in chocolates; darker chocolate contains more caffeine. Some popular ice cream brands contain caffeine as do sports drinks, alcoholic energy drinks, and some breath fresheners.

Regardless, if you suffer from migraines and caffeine is one of your triggers, you need to closely look at the product labels before purchasing, unless you are buying these products for non-migraine sufferers!

If you suffer from migraines, at the very least, stay away from caffeine and see if that doesn’t help you get rid of those nasty migraines!